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Something 'Creepy and Kooky' Comes to Caterham...

Mysterious and spooky... that's right! This year, joining Wendy Witch and Wilberforce the Wizard at the Caterham Halloween Trail were their good American friends, Wednesday and Morticia Addams!

Caterham Addams Family Halloween Party Trail
Caterham Halloween 2023 with Wendy, Wilberforce, Morticia and Wednesday Addams

The Caterham Halloween Trail is a long standing tradition at this point organised by Caterham Valley for You - and it gets bigger and bigger every year! This October we were so busy that we almost ran out of the 500 prizes that were prepared (luckily a quick sprint to the store meant no one was left out).

As well as more participants than ever before, we also had more local store's taking part as clue locations and as 'choc stops', so little ghouls and goblins taking part had buckets completely full of treats by the time they reached the end.

In addition to getting a prize, those who completed the trail and who were clever enough to solve the puzzle, would end up at the super-secret-Halloween-party location! There were monsters mashing and boogiemen boogying all day long.

Wednesday and Morticia very much enjoyed their time in Caterham, getting to see the sites and do a bit of shopping and will be recommending the town to all the other Addams'.

Happy Halloween from Wendy, Wilberforce and all the Addams'. We hope yours was spook-tacular!


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