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Halloween Hijinks are afoot in Caterham!

This weekend you can meet Wendy the Witch, Wilberforce the Wizard and Betty the Bat on Caterham Highstreet, as they try to locate their missing cat!

They’ll be located in the Church Walk Shopping centre, armed with Halloween Trail Maps. Follow the map which will take you around Caterham Highstreet, figure out the puzzles and if you figure it out, you’ll get a special treat!

The Trail is totally free to take part in and there is also an optional raffle to take part in for a chance to win vouchers.

Halloween costumes are not compulsory, but greatly encouraged! And don’t forget to bring a trick-or-treat bag as there’ll be lots of sweet treats up for grabs!

We can’t wait to meet all you ghouls, ghosts and goblins!

In collaboration with the Cat's Grin Theatre Company and Caterham Valley for You.

Click here to learn more about our immersive events.


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