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What We Offer

Cat's Grin offers a whole range of different shows, in different formats, to suit almost every need. From performing for the entire school, to running a birthday party for a handful of children. 
And if you're not sure - then just ask!

School Performances

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to performing in school. Be it a small class of Year 1s, to an entire assembly in the main hall. We've done it all, and we always find that students, teachers and the performers enjoy themselves very much.

We also offer workshops alongside performances. If this is something you would be interested in for your school, please do contact us.

To see what shows we currently offer, click here.

Public Shows

Over the years we have performed in village halls, local parks and many other public venues. We enjoy the excitement of the various weird and wonderful locations that we have been brought our shows to, and we are always up for a challenge.

To see what shows we currently offer, click here.

Private Performances & Parties

Not only can we offer your child a unique and exciting birthday experience, but we are also equipped to run lots of fun games beforehand too. Musical statues, pass the parcel and more, followed by a show of your choice.

To see what shows we currently offer, click here.

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