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Entertaining, educating and enlightening children since 1997

Since 1997, The Cat's Grin Theatre Company has toured London and the South with productions and drama workshops for schools, theatres and special events.

The Cat's Grin Theatre Co. specialises in crafting original stage adaptations of classic literature and curriculum-friendly topics. This live theatre experience encompasses maximum energy, fluency and wit, with myriad effects and lots of audience participation in a minimalist setting, at competitive prices.

Christmas Incoming!

We are now taking bookings for our annual Christmas tour. It may feel far away, but it may sneak up on you if you're not careful.

This year we are offering:

The Wind in the Willows

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

We will be touring from Monday 5th - Monday 19th December.


A Cat's Grin Christmas production is the perfect way to finish off the year. Get ready for smiles, giggles and outright guffaws!  So make sure to get in touch to avoid disappointment!

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Cat's Grin Theatre Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
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School Performances

For Nursery, Reception, KS1 and KS2

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Public Shows

From village halls and parks, to theatres and historic venues

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