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Big Bad Wolf Spotted in Sevenoaks!

Beware residents of Sevenoaks! There have been reports of a big, bad Wolf popping-up in parks across the town…

Have no fear though, he’s on contract by Sevenoaks Town Council!

That’s right, the Cat’s Grin have been performing five FREE community performances of ‘Theatre Fairytales’ at different parks around the town, including: the Bat & Ball Community Centre, the Pointoise Close Play Area, the Greatness Recreation Ground and The Vine Gardens.

The weather was HOT this week but audiences armed themselves with sunhats and suncream as they enjoyed the antics of Wilf Wolf, Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood.

Some families even brought along picnics – a brave move when there’s a hungry picnic-basket stealing wolf around!

If you spot a wolf in your local park, we advise you stay calm, inform your local council and tell them you hope he’s back again next year with the rest of his fairytale forest friends!

….and maybe offer him a packet of pork scratchings – five shows is hungry work!


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